Vancouver was the second lowest housing nation in America


We all know that Vancouver is a valuable place for roots down, and now, new results from a Zoocasa study show just how expensive the housing market is here.

The inspection carried out an affordable price audit of the household compared to income and found that the biggest markets in Canada are as high as those in the USA – including those in the USA. prices had fallen higher than the peak of the decline.

Based on home prices in December 2018, pay 20% down, and a 30-year mortgage at an established level of 3.75% for Canadians, Zoocasa at 35 cities in North America was from the lowest level and without a fixed price the difference between actual domestic income levels and the income required to purchase the medium-price home.

The study concluded that Vancouver, not only as Canada's most expensive housing market, is also the second most expensive market in North America, falling directly behind Saint Francis.

Vancouver was the only town in Canada in the top 10, as was the largest city in Canada, Toronto, on the 11th.

In that case, the study found that Torontonian which produces its average income of $ 65,829 (USD $ 49,495) is waiting for a gap of $ 25,431 (USD $ 19,121), and remains households in Miami that earn the average income of USD $ 33,999, still falling by $ 20,733 below. what do they have to earn to qualify for a mortgage on a medium price home.



The town had landed in a less dense place with an income gap of $ 99,517 (USD $ 74,825) compared to the average income of $ 65,327 (USD $ 49,118).

When it comes to prices, three of the Canadian cities surveyed were considered affordable, compared to 14 American cities.

Montreal is ranked 20 in number and has a revenue surplus of $ $ 4,161, in accordance with Las Vegas and Philadelphia, which has a revenue surplus of $ $ 3,215 and USD $ 6,869. , respectively.

Ottawa, the sixth cheapest city in the survey, was with a revenue of $ 27,714 (USD $ 16,326), based on the average income of $ 85,981 (USD $ 64,647).

The only notable Calgary building is the cheapest market, with a large $ 40,297 (USD $ 30,298) and a median income of $ 97,334 (USD $ 73, 183).

How markets in Canada and the USA benchmark housing capacity: t


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