Vänern's excellent research effort following the loss of fishermen


It has been a great effort to research around Vänern after someone was lost. He was then found walking on the 26th.

The photograph is from a later date.


The Sea Rescue Society started running after a person was missing. The research was based on the Gullspång village, close to the border of Värmland.

– We are looking for a fisherman who is listed as missing. The helicopter from Gothenburg is looking for, Carl-Johan Tylegård, a marine rescue officer at JRCC Marine Rescue and Rescue Center, said just once.

Police were also linked to the research work.

– We have sent a patrol and dogs to help with the search, says Mikael Jansson, a police station officer in Skövde.

A happy search was concluded. The man had problems with the boat but he got ashore. It was discovered by a private man when I went on a road 26 just outside Gullspång.

– It was found by the side of the road and what a great drive, says Mikael Jansson.

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