Varcoe: Alberta will be tested as Ottawa waves at an oil-rail plan


Bill Morneau is not able to find out on the Radio Notley's Radio Notley plan to go to # 39; removing raw materials from Alberta.

But the federal finance minister did not complete his / her opinion on Tuesday as a short-term way to go to # 39; Reducing the price discount that attacks Canadian oil representatives.

The continent is getting better to & # 39; waiting for reply

The recent position of Alberta's recent post on Trudeau's government has been asked to buy rail cars and locomotives to make an effort to do so; Increase what to move out of its & # 39; Share on the train as already the pipers.

Morneau seemed to have had the idea at the end of the last weekend, saying he would take at least nine months to make such a plan.

Speaking at the Calgary Commercial Room meal, Morneau was asked several times on Tuesday if the federal government would reserve money for better rail choices.

As with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when he went to Calgary last week, the financial minister stood up directly, pivoting the overall point that Ottawa wants to expand the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

"We do not want to bring our resources to ideas that have no significant impact," said Morneau at one time.

Speaking to reporters thereafter, the finance minister left the door open to discuss his / her; opinion, but almost.

"I know its business here and the local government is talking about other ideas that may have a short and medium-term benefit," he said.

"We are a member of the team in trying to make sure that we are considering all the opportunities and what their relevant publicity is."

Well, a member of the team, it's time to grab the booklet if Ottawa is really keen to handle the different price.


At the department's legislation, the Alberta Power Minister, Marg McCuaig-Boyd, criticized Morneau and his federal supporters to avoid accepting his opinion.

Although the two regional and federal governments are being pushed for Trans Mountain, the oil price leakage is offset; crisis creation and "we need some of the solutions," she told Clare Clancy of the Postmedia.

"It does not seem to be getting it," said the energy minister.

"It's really tough and I think it's really ill. I do not know what will be going to cause it to be heavy This is in Alberta and we need help.

"But, at the end of the day, if the feds are going to forget about Alberta, our government does not."

That means the department needs to spend millions of dollars and buy motor cars and locomotives to move the plan forward.

Rail has emerged as a restriction place between federal and regional governments while they are both addressing the problem that Canada is unable to obtain its oil resources to marketing.

There was a difference between the Western Western Select and the poor prices of the USA. Stand at $ 38.19 Barrel Barrel.

The government estimates that the discount is The cost of the Canadian economy is up to $ 80 million a day.

With new pipes being expected to go later next year – and how is the future of the Trans Mountain and Keystone XL expansion project now in the air – the railway remains on One of the few options available to increase the capacity of transport, if additional locomotives and cars are found.

The registered numbers of illegal export are & # 39; already moved on train, which included 270,000 barrels per day in September.

A Ottawa business plan plan for Ottawa will be shown to be the partners; costs $ 350 million on capital based costs, together with operating cost of around $ 2.6 billion over three years, starting next July, according to one government base.

It will be a revenue project generated from taxpayers of around $ 2 billion, long & Ottawa could receive federal income up to $ 1 million a tune from the day of the varied price difference.

Two new unit trains, capable of moving around 120,000 barrels daily from Alberta, can help the situation, although it would take time to order new locomotives.

Industry agencies such as the Canadian Research and Representative Association (EPAC) have returned to the provincial proposal.

The purchase of new locomotives and rail cars is not the short term for oil-related emergencies, Ottawa says, as it would take at least one year to implement the new trains.

Elaine Thompson / Canadian Press / AP

Although it would not come online for several months, it would continue to improve oil transport options out of the West of Canada over its entirety. medium term.

"It's a really good idea and it's a bad option that should be considered, in terms of the policy challenges we've been putting in piping," said the EPAC chairman , Tristan Goodman.

For representatives that are not sufficiently large enough to sign shipping contract signage, there are no more car or locomotive railway companies if they do not have a type of government or support.

There is a question on rail cars to & # 39; come to boiling because Canada's oil reduction is a chaos for government money, and the income of petroleum representatives.

The Moody Investor, a credit rating organization this week, said that it is expected that Alberta will have a historic price difference as a result of posting a bigger shortfall than repression. -year.

"With successful government policy measures, it could delay their schedule to return to balance," said Adam Hardi, former headmaster of former Moody headteacher.

Notley's government projects hit its $ 7.8 billion debt this year, and it is required to return to a fair budget by 2023-24.

Try to hear more about the other rail options when they are principal lecturers Wednesday to Ottawa Canada Club, and to the next day of the Toronto Department of Toronto.

The continent's oil-based plan continues to crawl, though slowly, by Alberta. Try to take weight for its recommendation.

So far, however, it seems that Ottawa's content is to enable it to be downloaded. This slow train button move on.

Chris Varcoe is a Calgary Herald column column.

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