Vasaloppan's report had fallen – "A Hundreds of People Recording"


The recording for Vasaloppet's week is no longer open until Sunday. But for faithful participants as they say, you have already opened on Tuesday. Participants are faithful participants of three different races over the past six years and this year the group has extended the group to newest starts recently.

– We have this opportunity to those who call faithful travelers to be able to distribute the advertisement for a number of days. Previously, the pressure has been on Sunday, with Per Källgren, a press officer at Vasaloppet.

The system went to ground

But on Tuesday the registration for loyal drivers wasn't working properly.

– We had bad luck, the system went down, so we had to stop again after just half an hour, Källgren tells us and follows:

– Just a few hundred people through, and then growing hard.

Bug in the system – try again

Problems should not be caused by overweight, but a buggy in the system.

– This is the first time in a few years when we met this. But this year it was not the result of too many a bug. It should be a problem when cyclists have signed in for a number of races, but I am not the right person to answer exactly what this bitch had caused, Källgren said.

Instead, you'll try again on Wednesday.

– I hope it now works. It should be settled, they got out of the mistake, but we will soon know, Källgren says.

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