VB will require leading and highly renowned Astrologists famous for the 50th birthday


The Victoria Breach of Carlton United has asked to help Australians to reconstruct its famous 1968 icon that needs a big thirst; requiring great cold air &

The advertisement, which will be made to celebrate its 50th birthday, asks Australia to submit their own interpretation on the VB ad and the classical song.

The best statements will then be set up to create a new one that will show everyday Australians.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is a creative organization of the VB record.


Hugh Jellie, VB's senior manager and sponsor, said in a statement: "" This is the advert made by VB by the current Australian image. But after fifty years of the tune we have made our way, it is now right to hear that VB drinks are going to; doing that on the road.

"Whether it's whistle on one of our amazing beaches, pushing your finger on the kitchen or singing to your companion in front the Opera House, we want to see and appear in our newest. "

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