VEC "lom" about finance from the tax station Da Giay after you steal VND 2.2 billion


Tuesday, 12/02/2019 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

The Highway Vietnam Development Agency has spoken after the social network has shown a flow of information to raise the issue of HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau Giay highway tax revenue. as publicity in a tax collection at other major roads.

VEC beauty of love for love & # 34; about revenue from the Dà Giay tax station after you steal a VND 2.2 billion - 1

Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh – Thanh Fada Hoofing Hoist – Da Giay is Completed – Photograph: A. Nguyet

On the afternoon of February 11, there was an update on the Highway Development Corporate and Vietnam Investment (VEC) about HCMC-Long Thanh-Dau Giay Expressway tax revenue after the injury was here. on 7 February (the third day of the New Year of the Moon) as well as the publicity of tax collection at other major roads managed and operated by VEC.

According to the CDB, just after the robber was on the 7th of February, at the Da Giay Minh House of Minh Thanh-Dau Giay Township tax station, there was some information stream on social networks. Tax transfer deals on this road are notably and prominent in the collection of entrances of access routes generally managed and operated by VEC.

Therefore, BGO has information for media organizations to have more information, and thus showing a & # 39; public to better understand the tax collection as well as to # 39; Check tax collection on high roads. distance.

There are BOT projects in BGO projects

With regard to the organization of a tax collection, VEC stated that the state-owned initiative, which is fundamental to national priorities, was established in 2004. The State is designated by a & # 39; BGO as the investor, & # 39; The management and operation of 4 high speed routes: Cau Gie-Ninh Binh, Noi Bai-Lao Cai, Da Nang-Quang Ngai and Thanh Long City-Ho Chi Minh-Dau Giay (Not BOT & # 39; in BP projects).

At this time, VEC is sending its & # 39; tax collector at these four access routes projects to its subsidiary units: Vietnam Stock Exchange Company and Vietnam Cooperation Stock Company (VEC O & M), Shared Stock Company. Vietnam's Vietnam (VEC S) ​​service and Vietnam Highway Technical Service Shared Stock Company (VEC E).

Because a tax collection is one of BGO's important activities to pay the loan and return its investment, the VEC headteacher should provide a special and regular focus. guide the units to comply with current regulations. have been set up to & # 39; fee, guidance and after checking the & # 39; set up a tax collection.

VEC has developed processes to collect taxes, monitor tax collection, review and ensure publicity, transparency, strict management of tax loss. Implementing action to & # 39; organize a straightforward approach to access routes and on every route; established by the internal audit department, following a review of tax collecting at the unit.

To strengthen the guidance and guidance, BEC 2015 established the Vietnam Expressway Operational Research Center (VEC M Center, an independent unit). One of the main responsibilities and activities of the Center is to monitor the collection, maintenance, operation and use of VEC-led roads … (after inspection).

Method of tax collection: VEC investments are high-level built up and closure of tax collecting lines (tax collection methods that include finance and flow flow through an electric card system). death). Fee vehicles must be paid according to the type of vehicle, the distance traveled by transport modes (km) and the unit price that correspond to all types of vehicles (VND / km) in public. the media and tollgates on the way.

Personnel involved in the tax collection process: A & # 39; counted for card tickets, taxpayers, managers (guidance within executives and supervisors of the VEC Center M), staff after post-

How is a tax collection and a & # 39; management process?

BGO shows member working time: Department in 3 shifts / day and night (move 1 from 6:30 to 11:30; shift 2 from 11:30 to 18:30; shift 3 from 18: 30 to 6:30 m the next morning.

At the beginning of the work shift, the staff collected their tickets for tickets, electronic cards from the card account department and were tax collection at the prescribed station. At the end of the shift, the staff collect data to compare data with the supervisor, the probationer, the number of tickets and the remaining card as a proportion for The card ticket and pays the cash in the work shift for the treasurer of the station The Post The tax collector is responsible for the preservation of the fee during the shift, payment and to the financier of the station according to regulations. The account is responsible for managing a & # 39; fee before being taken to the bank.

VEC challenges a contract with banks to set up a collection of taxes: ordinary days, banks will fund cash directly at once once a day; For a holiday, there are 2 days / time at Year & # 39; New or if VEC is requested.

Rate of tax, VEC certifies compliance with Arrangement Arrangements. 3789 / QD-BGTVT, dated 23 November 2016 of the Ministry of Justice; Transport agreed to the financial plan for 5 path projects as a result of the VEC being the first owner. private; Circular 35/2016 / TT-BGTVT, November 15, 2016 by Minister of Transport is a # 39; Manages its highest price of road use services for investment projects to build roads for business managed by MOT.

Regarding the regulation and use of taxes, VEC stated that tax management and use for large-scale route management and VEC management projects are carried out in accordance with the financial plans of approved projects. ; Management of tax management and use; Management of debt management and regulations and the guidance of relevant authorities; in which pathways fees are prioritized to pay loans, expenses for the administration, maintenance and collection of fees for access routes.

"Every day and every month, units that receive a VEC tax collection on induction routes report on the traffic and income of each taxpayer to Barra. quarterly, BGO reports to the Ministry of Transport, General Administration of the Vietnam Road on traffic and tax income of entrances when the Ministry of Transport requested ".

Occasionally, BGO will publish public traffic information through a website managed by VEC on the conference website.

How do you manage and review tax collection activities?

In order to ensure that taxes are accurate, public and transparent, as well as the inspection and inspection within operators fees that run high routes managed by VEC (VEC O & M, VEC S, Workshop E), Vietnam Expressway Operational Research Center (VEC M) and monitoring of tax inspection.

The inspection and inspection of the tax collection process is held 24 hours a day with a VEC, through many levels, and including many departments, from direct management at the time, overlooking a large screen screen, to monitor the camera and software software to monitor and re-examine and re- study. Photographs of computing data at taxpayers as well as taxation at taxpayers are sent directly to the Civic Audit Office V.

Seasonal installment collection data is maintained for inspection and review. Which includes: database files, image capture media files are circulated through the station, video files that have a & # 39; Keep track of the line continuously stored as data seats and held for at least 5 years Next Video files for gabon surveillance and extensive monitoring are kept in the format of data files and held for at least 1 year according to current regulations.

The company has a & # 39; collection, management, after inspection and following a review of BGOs; in line with current regulations, according to each field case at each road project, and # 39; ensure publicity and transparency. South Westerly

In addition, there are regular inspections of the Vietnam Department of Roads and legal protection agencies regularly and are closely monitored on what is being done; use and tax collection on VEC investment routes. South Westerly

"VEC wants news groups to show in detail the official information related to the collection of taxes of VEC access routes, so that a public opinion can have an essential view of the work. VEC management projects "- news recital.

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