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Some people made a cabin and a Korean run to South Korea on the 10th of this month, and hoped that Korea would speak for the farmers. (YouTube Screenshot)

A furnace car is wild and healthy, but its price has fallen. Recently, some farmers have kept a cabbage and sent to the Kaohsiung KMT, Yu Yu, and the maker. South Korea, to become a tough topic in this election. The nutrition said it was "vegetable food" in European food. High awareness, to repair mucous scams and stomach, as well as to & # 39; anti-cancer and anti-air pollution, but people with severe and poorly treated problems should not eat too much.

Zhao Qiang, a scientist at Ma Rong's Hospital, told the "" that Gaoli's foodstuffs have three great benefits: the face of cancer, stomach and pollution against the air. He said he was a cruiser family; in Koreanga where. As a broccoli and a Chinese cabbage, it contains materials from cancer such as alizarin and glycoside sulbhur. The test was found that those who were Previously to reduce the number of chronic cancer, and glycoside is sulphur in the air. Anti-oxidant engines will help to connect and to; taking part in reducing cancer access.

Zhang Xinyi, a nutritionist at Taiwan Cancer Foundation, also said that Koreana is rich in biotamine, organic tools, food fiber and essential elements. Among them, calcium, iron and phosphorus are higher than most vegetables, and calcium is 5 times higher than a cooker. Tomato 7 will go; methylmethionine is capable of mucus mussel repair, and stomach, and has a severe impact on gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer.

Regarding European food, it can stop air pollution. Xia Ziwen, a scientist at Xinguang Hospital, said that when the human body's body PM2.5 was born, it would go into the alveoli and cause a blast of disease. whole body. At this time, it will take anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory foods such as Koryo. Vegetables, broccoli, and rods are helpful.

However, there are two types of people who want to eat less. The main reason is that food from Korea can be prevented from including dressing and clothing. affecting thyroid hormone secretion. People with dread problems should not eat in many. Car, which is deeper in fiber, can feel uncomfortable when eating.

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