Végh and Deák won New Time


Skakaich MMA fighter Tomáš Deák defeated Oktagon's 10th OCTagon Overnight Premier Championship in Prague O2.

Cory Galloway American, who formed the alliance and the old enemy, Andrew Whitney, raised three tours to 30:27, 30:26 and 30:25.

Twenty-two years ago, Defend the Fight Nights Global title in his; Big group to 61.2 pg in March before Bratislava audiences. In Prague, he has developed the influence of nine complaints to nine prizes and one draw. Every time he had when he used his strong side in the fight on the ground, but especially in the second round, he then defeated the face of the face even during a negotiation exchange. "I was not just trying to win, but also how I got it. I wanted to try something, even more in the opinion, but most on the ground, because I did not want to come to a risk to come to my box, " Deak said in a direct broadcast of the JOJ Plus television.

The Gábor Boráros Slovak (16-6) did not get a belt in a welterweight, in the second round of five against David Kozma, a bad bad bad guy on the south: "It was difficult to explain, I wanted to offer a good game to the spectator, we were training and I did not want it to end up in this way, it's hard , it seems like a surgery, but thanks to support me and the whole team. " Kozma (24-10) won the fifth success this year and at the tenth jubilee of Oktagone. Welter Division's first wrestler: "Everyone was waiting for this duel and ended up in serious injuries, and I wanted to complete it in the usual way, in the first round we had read, we went to & # 39; waiting to blame a crime. I was thrown on the floor where I looked. The second, unfortunately, has to end like this. "

Another Slovak warrior, Attila Végh, returned to defeat Maiquel Falcao Brasilia after an annual break. After three tours, the gift to the judges was unanimous at 30:27. "I knew I had a good enemy, I did not estimate the preparation, I did not have an action game, I had to think about & # 39; mistake, it came out, I want to thank the team, my family, my friends … Together we are stronger " Végh, who is 33 years old, who is formerly a barbarian, has said at the second most prestigious group in the world of Bellator.

The Soviet Karol Ryšavý became victorious on the third round of the Oktagon Challenge, in the finals the Czech Republic's shop beat Jakub Dohnal in the second round with a climb on the ground.

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