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  • THE ISLANDS During the Wembley film show, one of the members Queen, Brian MayHe said:

"It's not a movie in Bohemian Rhapsody about the Queen, it's a movie about Freddie."

It was hard to be able to save the truth of truth in the story about it Queen, because they are & # 39; indicates that many aspects of the film do not show the real events of the life of their entertainers. Too much is too.

The producers sent the notices before the pressure strained, although the film is based on the history Queen and Freddie Mercury, "It's not a feature program in Bohemian Rhapsody," so special permissions were made and made Some of the changes to truth. He drew attention to the movie's lies.

British Band Her Queen was established in 1970 The movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" to give up the story in which her & # 39; A group created is very different from what happened in fact. The first big lie.

In the film, Freddie Mercury it will meet the & # 39; guitar for the first time Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in 1970, after performance Smile, the group that was ahead of her Queen.


This happens, consistently, just after strikers have done it; band and singer Tim Staffell to drop off from the band. According to the movie, Mercury did not defeat them, but then let them go with her; band.

It's so bad Freddie Mercury He met his musicians as long as he was learning art and design at school Ealing Art College of London.Then Mercury became friends Tim Staffell, that was part of Smile together May and Taylor, and shortly after being a supporter of the band. After leaving Staffell's organization in 1970, the two friends, Mercury went into the group.

John Deacon He went in Queen as a sender in 1971. In the movie they are lying on her & # 39; The date the basque was introduced John Deacon

In the film, it is explained as Freddie Mercury started to be part of the band and that Deacon was part of the group from the beginning.

However, it is the fact that Freddie did not just confirm that May and Taylor signed his name; group to Queen, but in 1971 when they went into the group. Bassist John Deacon for the group.


There is another character that appears in the movie and is far from fact Ray Foster, EMI record operator. According to a fictional account, Foster refused to make the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" because it was too long and it was too late. ask the group to perform more commercial music.

Big chest. There is no evidence Ray Foster really. a character can be encouraged by the EMI manager, Roy Featherstone, though it is He was a great server on Queen, compared to Foster in the movie.

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin they had a lovely friendship that became a long life relationship. In the movie, Mercury knows that he has met his sweetheart Mary Austin the same night she went to the band in 1970. Falseism.

It is the fact that he was not interested until he went the Queen 's Chief.The film also creates how the love story is between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton, to tell them that both of them met at a party that made the singer a way in which Hutton was, working as a guest.


In real life, e they met at nightclubHutton said he refused to Mercury in 1984 when he invited him to drink, because he did not know it at the time, although Mercury was already a star.Hutton was a hairdresser in the village The Savoy Hotel in London. When they met again in 1985, they never stopped again. Their relationship lasted seven years, to death of Mercury in November 1991.

Hutton himself was certified by AIDS in 1990 and does not appear in a prominent place in the film, as the film is a " ending with the Queen's performance in a megican concert Live Aid 1985 in London, which happened shortly after his relationship with Mercury began
Near the end of the film, Freddie Mercury learns that he has AIDS and he tells his partner before the Live Aid show. This is the biggest weakness, because they were on the phone. See a video of performance, Freddie Mercury still liked good health.

This is the toughest topic of the film. Liked Rami Malek, If it's compared to Freddie, it's very ugly. It should never be included. It is awful. But people have not been watching Freddie's show or not. remembered.

Freddie Mercury had died 24 November 1991.According to oneself Jim Hutton, Mercury did not know about his illness until 1987, and he did not officially notify him until now 23 November 1991, one day before his death.This may have been the most beautiful break of the movie.


John Deacon said:

"I have never seen a film to strengthen its truth in such a tough way. It's like the film would have to punish Freddie Mercury. LAIDS suffered a severe death in the early 90s to become aware of the disease. It is to connect his illness with her & # 39; His performance on Live Aid looks awful and hard. "

Undoubtedly an exhibition was made Queen at her charitable concert Live Aid at Wembley, United Kingdom, in 1985 the most famous in history; band.

The film shows that its & # 39; group to participate in the concert after a long season without having to play; see the face. But it was not like that, because the band was on the table "THe Works "and made a tour all over the world to show the album.

It's funny, another big lie, in a film so uncertain. In the movie, Mercury put one-off contract for 4 million without telling his bands and this tired in the company.

Later on, you can see how the singer said it was needed breaking from the band and that everybody had to go on. The band gave a rest in 1983, but her members always spoke.

What happened in the true life of the band He lost his enthusiasm in 1983, after having been traveling for ten years. Everyone agrees to break and Focus on your own roles.

Members of the group were not lost in the communications and started working in 1983 on their behalf. album "The Works, " which includes the great success of "Radio Ga Ga" can be the best explanation of its & # 39; group in the Live Aid. Lady Gaga He took the name of the song, unknowingly on the subject he wrote Roger Taylor in Ibiza , when I was listening to a song that was a "caga", a word that I can not use.

That's why many critics call the movie Bohemian GAGA.


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