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Aggression in the countryside becomes worse with that of a woman

In times of deep problems we live or are in bad or documentary situations, t his wife It introduces emotional and physical changes that affect it, not only their quality of life, but its impact. Conflict It can lead to anxiety, depression or emotional ill-health or be able to cause or enhance gynecological pain.

Conflict affect all members and systems, even in the worst of cases, it could even cause a heart disease called Broken Heart Syndrome or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, with heart-breaking symptoms. physically demanding hard for it, because it might be fatal

For the doctor Carmen Mantellini, gynecologist, "Storage and anxiety can increase the pain of sugar that may emerge as a result of a sex process, called dyspareunia, which can also lead to stability and stability. treatment in time. ”

Relevant effects

The pain may have anesthetic reasons, such as genetic genitalia, dormant illnesses or ridicule in the pond, t genetic diseasesHormonal factors can lead to personal history of sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, feelings of emotion and conflict in conflict, as well as not recognizing a different sexual orientation.

Another indicator of concern or concern sexual behaviorAttended up to 40% of patients between 40 and 80 years of age. t This is expressed in signs such as a desire to reduce sex drive, a pressure to be stressed, a need for orgasm and pain during relationships.

The expert explains that “an investigation has been able to connect to a presence weight and the age of the patient, the original reason for the incident, was the gradual loss of an estrogen infection as we get older. " a & # 39; concern and concern will affect fertility in couples wishing to take fertility. "Up 25% of infertile women suffer from depression and 50% have a misconceptionit seems that the biological base of that level is increasing in defense cells activity in the mother's mother's mother, so mental health and emotional support are becoming more fertile with up to t 28% "in Dr Mantellini."

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