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All rumors to date have been fixed from most to the lowest

Now that Apple has shown all the services I had planned Keynote lecture held on 25 March, the "fan mill" always on the belted apple's logo has changed radically. And now it actually shows on the iPhone which we should see displayed in the middle of September.

Throughout the week we have seen some new faces of these iPhones, which have been baptized now by the name “iPhone XI”. But even with a number of sources we need to be clear that it is still early trusting in some things, so prescribe the rumor features on the "iPhone XI" based on reliability of those rumors.

From the new camera, the 5G method could be impracticable

Render Iphone Xi

No doubt the most promising rumor about the next iPhone is your camera. There are a number of independent sources including reporting A big three-camera camera, reach to the sieve shells and even pictures of the metal pieces that mark the camera holes. The dimensions which have been produced by a number of designers and the media are now at the same time.

There is also a strong reason for Apple to develop the iPhone camera considerably. The competition gets a lot of land, some people think (and there is a server here) that the Pixel 3 cameras are better in most cases … and the images are as one of the most important reasons. when you choose a smartphone. With the "iPhone XI" in Cupertino they have to be placed on the batteries. For all this, I think the change from the cameras is the most reliable sound now.

Another rumor that is not spoken is that it is the sea that is obvious and the new iPhone may be carrying more powerful and more efficient flowand we accept that it will be baptized by the name A13. Here we can also be ensuring that iPhone 2019 can also install other tools such as the new AirPods when you can access them.

We are turning to the rumors that they will give them them "average reliability". They talk about and mentioned when they are talking about how the next iPhone might be, but very few sources oppose or named by a source. T by. So we are spending that these farms were very reliable without setting on fire. There are four:

  • a & # 39; reduce of 'notch'; . t o tail on the screen, with thanks to new TrueDepth weavers who could be hidden under OLED screen pixels.
  • Scale size change to the screens with a reduction of that Notch & # 39; and / or over the telephone. We would have three models Screens 5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 separately. Some of the sources refuse this and confirm that we will continue to see the current 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches of the iPhone XS and XR.
  • There's a very small chance of being the current iPhone XR proxy Moving from an LCD screen to OLED, although there are a number of recommended sources that follow the LCD screen for another year.
  • Finally: WiFi 6? Some people say the new iPhone could have a new wireless profile. At present the information available on this issue is very limited.
Usb C

Finally, yes rumors that all three resources are going against each other, or they are just a toast of the sun some inspectors we cannot give them sufficient confidence. They are the less likely to be truths, at least until more reliable data is produced from a number of sources that are the same.

  • The star in this final section is the discussion between the two comes or isn't the USB-C port for the iPhone. Some of the sources say that we can't see him, while others say that it is iPhone 2019 for the first time with the USB-C port and an early-flight tax. This is the beginning of Lightning port, but as we said before this was too much doubt for anything.
  • We can add this to it Relationship 5G. There is little doubt that that is to be achieved, and that as quickly as we see this mobile data coverage spread well into 2020.

In fact, this full list can change as time goes on. It only shows data from a number of sources suddenly on one of these features in order to create a reliable growth rate, so we have to be clear that all is sound and that however reliable Apple is, it can surprise us. As always, we take care of new ports.

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