Although GM continues to layoffs, Ford is a invest $ 1 billion in its Explorer factory and its notifications

A & # 39; the maker's company number 1 in 2018, and its results show

Ford named yesterday to $ 1 million investing at Chicago's energy to his Ford Explorer truck, Lincoln Aviator and the SUV police Policing transitions, create like this 500 new jobs

"March's transformation will begin, the new Ford Explorer production capabilities, including the Explorer ST and the Explorer Hybrid, the New Police Interceptor Utility and the new Lincoln Aviator. The work will be completed Spring. The 500 additional full-time jobs totally produce the two plants to around 5,800, "said the brand in a statement.

The Ford plan, one of the largest four largest craftsmen in the United States, is building a new paint shop at its collector of Chicago and making changes to its assembly line. On the other hand, he has his hunting headquarters in the same town, Chicago Stamping, and launches new lines for new provision Ford Explorer 2020, and the other two vehicles previously mentioned.

His company has set out its invention in high tech technology that will be tested in these factories, such as the previously announced 3D printer, support robots and cameras that will be available; monitor electronic connections.

Investment in areas for staffing was also announced.

"Staff-related improvements to make the plant more efficiently work up to $ 40 million and include new LED light, cafe renovations, new relaxation areas and upgrade Safety of parking. The company is supported by a strong Ford partnership with the UAW, along with the federal, state, county and local governments, "he said.

Company starting with the end of the year 2019, compared to their opponents – General Motors, Tesla and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – in an American country, who has published layoffs and, in a GM case, closing factories, its design firm closed by Volkswagen that will help it to; bringing more cars in Europe and its big sale in 2018 was very high.

"Ford Ford is the United States vehicle maker in the United States. And the US's leading exports of vehicles, It was built almost 2.4 million in 2018, and it is # 39 ; recruitment of US equipment workers. More than one hour, "said the statement.

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