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Arnica could help treat breast cancer

Find Mexican researchers that there was their arnica, a plant used extensively as anti-naturalwith high efficiency against cells breast cancerthe world's fourth, 700,000 deaths a year The National University of Mexico (UNAM).

The study of Daniela Araiza, a doctor in Biomedical Sciences Division of the Biomacromolecules and Guillermo Delgado, of the Department of Natural Results, is both in the t Chemistry Institute, said the UNAM.

The researchers found out that there was a stocking of the contents arnica Mexican(Heterotheca inuloidesc) has toxic effects on it cancer cells, he said UNAM at the time World Day Against Cancer Colon, which marks 31 March.

“By noting that this evil can be inspired by the scheme blowing chronic caolan, we look for avoiding molecules blowing"Araiza explained in the statement released by the Secretary." UNAM.

The doctor has explained that the controlled search is checking the impact of these substances arnica “transductional and metabolic level” cells of adenocarcinoma justice ".

It is found that these molluscs “will focus” on the plan hair cellswhich was explained when he reports that routine cures are affected by surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. t cells healthy and healthy bodies.

This type is cancer which is recognized by the uncontrolled growth cells in any area of ​​the world colon or on it straight.

You can start as infertile shoes called " tadenomatous polyp"and now cancer will be phased in over a period of Statistics The Institute of Physiology of Mexico and the Institute of Public Healthnote, 95% of these are cancer they start in the glands that make mucus that protect it t colon and the straight, profession adenocarcinoma.

"Nobody knows exactly what he does, but he is closely connected to the way of life, with genetic tribes or changes in metabolism," said Dr Araiza.

a & # 39; breast cancer it appears in equations in men and women; people with soverweight u FunctionWith a limited amount of physical activity, a diet that has low fiber and a lot of fat, fat and carbohydrates processed.

Ur symptoms are there changes defense – diarrhea, rubbish, thin stool, proper erosion, dark stool, color, pain in the body, weakness and tiredness, continued feeling to protect them, it celebrated UNAM.

Araiza said that if patients are present, that should be considered infinite porridge illnesses and people who came out of families and contacted people who are over 50 years of age with this geology to be periodically reviewed.

“If patients are shown to be at an early stage, the level of recovery is very high,” the researcher said.

a & # 39; Mexican Lomica (Heterotheca inuloides) is less than poison than it is in Europe ( tArnica montanaand it is well used in Mexico for its existence anti-natural, disinfection, analgesic and analogy of respiratory trauma.

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