Ask to investigate HIV / AIDS program With the people

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Photo: Archive

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Mauricio Gutiérrez, spokesman for the Non-Governmental Organization Positive in Collective, denounced this Thursday that the staff of National HIV / AIDS Program of the Ministry for Health They fights with the sale of antirretrovirales, so it requested the national government for investigation.

Gutiérrez pointed out the need to provide figures that break the silence about a disease that cataloged as an epidemic that affects thousands of people.

"Dr. Deysi Matos has been the head of the National HIV / AIDS Program for many years. She has been quite transparent enough for some years (…) nowadays the silence that only stays doctor Matos, but all the equipment that accompanies it, is terrible, "said during an interview in the radial chain Circuito Éxitos.

"When he speaks or when he says something is absolutely a lie (…) I have requested for a long time that all those personnel must be removed from their charges. Not only removals but also investigated, because there are people with HIV who say they have bought medications for personnel working in the National HIV / AIDS Program, "he said.

"The few antiretrovirals that have been delivered by the Ministry of Health have come through donations from the United Nations Joint Program on HIV / AIDS (ONUSIDA)"He said.


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