Balloons, tools that are useful for diabetes patients

Cardasho-blood diseases are the ones that lead to more deaths in the world, and in Mexico each year approximately 100,000 people die from invertebrates and other patients who survive in these events must kit off. repairs to the hair.

Heart disease occurs when the veins are narrow, usually with plaques or fat deposits and that the heart can not continue to pump blood. The most common pain is chest pain, although this is not always the case.

Time is a care and a catheter, or stent, and are cardio-cardiac devices that are permanently injected into the eyes to open them and can continue with bloodstream.

Cardiovascular equipment, such as catheters or stents, help to save patients' suffering from microchip-bumping, because these devices are fitted into the womb. T blood vessels to maintain a continuous flow the heart continues to work and reduces the need for special treatments.

But not all people involved in stent, especially those of type 2 diabetes, are caused by the narrower lesions and sometimes cause the machine to fail. enter even when it is millimeters in length.

For these people the choice can be a balloon catheter, which helps to close the veins, even reaching the most complex lines, making it an effective way.

Mexico has a high rate of people with diabetes and most patients die from heart disease.

Carlos Macaya, president of the Spanish Heart Foundation, told a press conference when these devices are pulled into the patient, they will start covering a straight layer of cells, the same. those who bring back the wall of the artery and start creating. Part of it.

There is also a drug stent that includes a protective flame and the device is similar to others already in the market.

Spanish, iVascular, came into a market in Mexico with a pack of soreness and balloon catheters to offer doctors and patients more choices, to reduce heart disease deaths.

These tools are used as part of the angioplasty process and health professionals may use them to people who feel pain in the chest (angina), in case there is a big improvement on the chest. the cures.

Jorge Cortés Lawrenz, president of the Mexico International Association for Interactive Science, said that Mexico is the country with the highest mortality rate among the membership of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD, as well as every year that a significant number of angioplasties have been achieved.

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