Banco de Venezuela operates cash purchase and sale lockers

An Venezuela Bank (BDV) Put two boxes at your head office, for the to buy and & # 39; dolphin sales or knowledge, according to the president's president, Juan Morales.

"Venezuela's Bank, the first bank in the country, now offers our people the ticket offices for sell and buy foreign currency"he said in confirmation to VTV.

He said the next week, after finishing meat, The lockers will be able to make money trading in the organizations based in Miranda, Zulia, Lara, Tachira, Aragua, Anzoategui, Bolivar, Sucre, New Sparta and Vargas.

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He said that Venezuelans can choose to buy and sell dollars and brooms legally and at a level Exchange Market System (DICOM). He said that the amount was answered Regeneration Plan and Economic Success released by the Government in August 2018.

"In addition, within the exchange of exchange framework agreed by the & # 39; Central Bank of Venezuela It has allowed scientists to sell to economists, "he said, and said the bank added more 10 million 500 miles missing opportunity for economic actors in the countryside.

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