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Chamomile tea improves sleep quality


Mexico.- Nuts, white rice, carrots, eggs, hot milk and tea chamomile Some of the food products are, according to experts Houston Adolescent Hospital, he is more related to him quality of the sleep.

If you don't sleep properly it could have a negative impact on memory and density, and may record the impact of pressure and sustainable changes in approach.

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On World Harbor Day, which is celebrated on 15 March, experts said there were special drinks, such as: t Coffee, alcohol and sugar can affect that process.

Kristen Kizer, from that hospital, was convinced The diet of the Mediterranean this will help to settle a suitable step, and that eating includes nuts, which, like stress, include melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy .

It also includes Indian nuts in a quarter-cup service, as it provides almost 20 per cent of the magnesium in a daily diet.

"It is thought that most of this mineral is having a deficiency and that it could cause problems at sleeping time, as this insurance relates to sleep disorder," he said.

Wearing carrot and chamomile tea improves sleep quality by reducing stress.

Hot milk grows body temperature, provides calcium and vitamin D, and white rice, in part of two and a half hours four hours before bedtime, he could help by sleeping faster.

In a statement, Kristen Kizer described another worthwhile experience for that process such as eggs, which contain vitamin D naturally, which recent research may have had a positive impact.

He noted that there is evidence that men who were inadequate in that vitamin had less fruit.

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