Could climate change increase in sugar conditions?


Could climate change increase in sugar conditions?

Scientists are beginning to connect to climate change impacts on more diabetes and sugar.

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When we describe ecological issues, we not only talk about problems for the marine environment or for flora and fauna, but also for human health. Increased temperature in the planet a direct impact on our bnhythms and public health, as it does, the incidence of infectious disease is likely to increase, and, conversely, changes in diet and peoples' behavior can change and become harmful.

According to a study by the BMJ sugar science magazine, there are signs that global warming may be due to climate change. an increase in cases of type 2 diabetes. The research, led by a Dutch team at Leiden University, has calculated that the 1 ° C rise in temperature could reveal about 100,000 new cases of diabetes each year in the US.

The reasons are not straightforward: the team of scientists has developed a visual theory, that is, which is not held on a clinical test which has been implemented, but on the information itself. statistical data and environmental variations. In this sense, it's also caused by climate change that the population is overweight and so the reason for the rise in the number of new cases of diabetes is 2, there is a family history of the disease already.

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Opinion agreed by other medical authorities

According to the CPC (Center for Disease Control in the United States), one in three American Americans will be able to develop type 2 disease in the coming decades. T This is a significant increase in the continuity of this disease in the population, and there are also environmental features that affect it t Changes in diet and metabolism change changes in temperature.

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According to this CPC review, it was found that diabetes cases in the United States would have increased by 4% per year. The study also mentions how climate change might be on the back of this data, as temperatures are colder. T activate the body blubber or brown spine. This material is getting hot to heat its body. And according to this survey, this reduction in diabetes, and a warmer plan and with the cold months forced the conditions to increase the disease.

According to the CPC, in a warm climate brown fat doesn't affect its metabolism, because cold months are needed. And people This moisture content accounts for between 1% and 2% of energy costs.

A study by the International Diabetes Alliance also linked climate change with an increase in Type 2 diabetes, as global warming is threatening our diet, as it is becoming increasingly eating. fresh food and again threatens health and promotes diabetes when, in addition, heat waves stimulate dehydration.

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