Daniel comes to the rescue, the Bears of the Lion hit 23-16 | Other sports

Chase Daniel spent on the chance to be a place Mitchell Trubisky. He did with the game ab & # 39; of his position as a fourth carcassile car in the town NFL

Daniel set up personal marks 230 yards in pasan and two touchdowns for the Chicago Bears to continue to; doubles a step with the impact of Thursday 23-16 before Lion of Detroit.

Na Bears (8-3), heads of the NFC North Division, they were proofing the fifth in a series with translation Kyle Fuller in a head zone with only one minute left to play.

Detroit (4-7) He has lost four of five games, which lasts the last place in the division.

Chicago unbalanced there 16-16 with the license taken Eddie Jackson, are improving 41 yards to score. This is the second game just ending Jackson's touchdown after his & her; war. Also the qFifth touchdown defender player That's not the fourth choice of it draft of 2017. AP

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