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Enhere in Ethereum a new well with 1: 1 equality with Bitcoin Christian

WBTC or not called it too South Westerly The ERC20 features with support in bitcoins, are enabled in the main Ethereum network since January 29 for its commercial exchange.

The information was spread in social networks with the Staked company, a & # 39; confirming not just how the new autumn was launched but also the amount that was given yesterday. Through WBTC, now 65,421 BTC is represented in Ethereum, which can be used in prestigious contracts for dedicated exchanges, predictive markets and devolution loans, among others.

If this figure is true, A higher proportion of bitcoins represented in the Ethereum network than those currently the chain chain Bitcoin, Liquid. According to Horse Liquid data, BTC 53.32 is currently represented in its network, that is, an estimate of 12.10 BTC less than those represented in Ethereum through WBTC.

WBTC is a campaign that is run by the first conservator cryptoactive of a keeper, as well as the exchange houses that have been proven as the Kyber Network and the Republic Protest. The announcement of the new show was published in October 2018 with a press release, where it was explained that the Bitcoin Wrapped (WBTC) is the ERC20 indicator supported by bitcoins in a representative division of 1: 1, The main objective of this initiative is to connect Bitcoin Lions and Ethereum programming language.

WBTC is a designated representation in Ethereum of protected bitcoins. Users who want to buy Bitcoin Wrapped are going to exchange homes at the Kyber Network and the Republican Protocol which itself and its own. spreading the ERC20 counter, swapping their cloth for this token. In this way, the bitcoins awarded to the cambo homes will be delivered to BitGo for security, a company that can accommodate multiplication of barrels, and deliver the WBTC as an alternative.

All jobs at this sign will be recorded in the Ethereum network. The management will be carried out by an Independent and Medium Organization (DAO) which is made up of representatives from MakerDAO, Dharma, Airswap, IDEX, Compound, DDEX, Hydro-Protocols, Protocols, Prycto, Kyber Network, Protocols Republic and BitGo. They clarify that more partners are capable of the future DAO.

It is a type of representation bridge between the two networks that exist in WBTC. In this way, the authenticated exchange homes that make life in Ethereum can benefit from Bitcoin's profit, which is one of the most of the money in the exchange rate of exchange houses all over the world – such as Binance, Coinbase and Bitfinex-, Representing it with signs of anchor.

"Nowadays, most of the dimensions will go to; taking place with bitcoins in middle exchange houses. WBTC will change that, adding Bitcoin for the DEX (unified exchange) and allowing Bitcoin to be used for signal items, "said the press release.

Another feature that WBTC offers, according to its creators, is that This ERC20 signal will allow Bitcoin users to use Smart Ethereum contracts, so that protocols for loans, bins, buying tokens and predictive markets can be deactivated, in a indirect way, by Bitcoin.

WBTC is similar to its & # 39; Suggested from the atomic exchanges that a community has cryptocurrency on & # 39; developed last year, which allows interaction between different blocks through program exchange and separation between the two networks. Mediation as one central authority has responsibility in the detention of the bitcoins that they can support.

Toxic "is very medium"

One of the complaints that is distributed to & # 39; Most about social networking about Bitcoin The fact is that this service is central to a feature that has been reinforced by the campaign. "This indicator is very basic, as it is given by the exchange bureaus and BTC is protected by an entity," they are described in one of its publications.

In addition to the fact that the signal is produced and driven by media in a medium way, it is also important to include the fact that the survey will be analyzed; This sign is made by DAO, who has representatives of the companies and communities that participate in delivering the WBTC. It may be considered that this group is not as independent as expected by its & # 39; boundary community.

However, for further devolution of this service, the DAO authorities will be removed and sent to that group through democratic votes made among its members, to be able to balance greater power of power among the units that are give the marks.

In conformity with the lack of devolution, Sunny Aggarwal – researcher and Tendermint team developer – appreciates bitcoins care is also a high risk service and these brand types of features, anchored to cryptocurrency guarded, may be the same as the same regulatory policies with other stable storms, which may refer to, for example, a & # 39; Dollar Dollar (USDT) link, which was reported to consumers due to their generosity of their dependents.

Customers who receive WBTC also need to take care of them that they are trying to change their bitcoins for producer bitcoins, and work in a network that is not as secure as Bitcoin. It is a blockage in Ethereum, from which it is He suffered several bifurcations and some foods (mistakes) since his inception. In addition, the same processing process does not have Bitcoin, which appears to be possible assaults.

Among the riots and other debates following the WBTC publication, news releases tweet by Eric Wall – engineer and director of Cinnober – who historically commented on the news: "Ethereum is officially officially the chain of Bitcoin," which created Twitter debates and corresponding responses from users who thinks Bitcoin has grown "Sign" or "enactment of a claim" of Ethereum.

Other users responded The phrase "connection" can not be used in a WBTC case, since Ethereum is not used as a "data-proofing" network, such as networks such as Liquid, BTCRelay and Lightning Network is a Bitcoin business confirmation.

Ethereum also does not help to & # 39; Bitcoin scaling, one of the key responsibilities of the side chains. However, WBTC creators want to take advantage of the features of the Ethereum total turing to allow the "more use" ability of Bitcoin, because the programming language of these blocks is limited. This same objective is followed by sources such as RSK, which have been working on several years by including bracketing contracts into the Bitcoin network through a side-line.

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