Enjoy women 3 years younger than male: study

The Washington University examined that the female brain was about three years younger than men, and commented on why women tend to stay so deeply for men.

In a study published on Monday in the National Academy of Sciences Acts, researchers searched 205 people to find out how brains use some sugar in a process called aerobic glycolysis that was a & # 39; keep developing brain but to; decreased regularly by age.

They were scratching brains of 121 women and 84 men aged 20 to 82, to measure oxygen and glucose flow in their steps and their; Determine the fraction of sugar used for aerobic glycolysis in different areas of the brain.

They used an algorithm of artificial information to detect a relationship between age and brain metabolism by eating people's age and brain metabolism data.

The researchers then reported data from the feminine brain metabolism to the algorithm and supervised the program to evaluate the brain age of each woman from the metabolism.

According to the survey, the average brain age algorithm of 3.8 years of age formed less than the normal age of women.

On the other hand, they learned the algorithm on women's data and put it into men. The conclusions were that the conclusions of people were 2.4 years older than the real ages.

In addition, women's celebrities were even found among the young people, who were over 20 years old.

"We begin to understand how different characteristics of a species can affect the growth of brain and how to get the brain off. ; it could affect the neuroscenerative risk of the brain, "said the main author of the article, Manu Goyal, professor of radaology at the University

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