Ferrari's wild night at the Bahrain Grand Prix!

How fast did it change the landscape of Bahrain's Grand Prix!

At the weekend, Ferrari, who was a young star at the weekend, lost everything he had in terms of laps on the Bahrain route.

First, a mistake opened by Sebastian Vettel against Lewis Hamilton opening the door to the Mercedes, a spin he had to spend for the fifth part of the competition.

And the worst thing came for it Cavallino Rampante when Charles Leclerc (third) car lost his energy role in energy regeneration and gave Lewis its first place, which benefited from his opponent's mistakes to make a race to a bad result. T .

From 1-2, Ferrari could leave the board to Mercedes who will keep up the pole in builders and riders, at the start of F1 2019.


Sergio Perez closed in Mexico on the 10th in DT Bahrain, after the Renault event Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo.

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