Find out where the source of credit cards came

This useful tool is available high cost goods be remote at the beginning XX century, especially for him year of 1914, when the company is The Western Union Distributing a card among the most selective customers, which gave them only the opportunity to access them favorable cure, but to a line of it tax credits.

Up the end of the 40s, multimedia companies started broadcasting own credit cards, but they were only valid in their centers, as a way to client attraction and help with the purchase of funding. In 1924, an General Petroleum Group a & # 39; a & # 39; his first credit card for the purchase of gasoline, and in 1929 the American Telephony and Telegraph (AT & T) send out Bell card.

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An to the first credit card, as we know today, that is, with that we can pay comfortably in many uninhabited centers cost to cart of each one; was born produce the opportunity or fair, when three friends met dinner in a restaurant New York called Major & Cabin Grill, into year 1949.

The engines were Frank X. McNamaraof the "Credit Credit Corporation", Ralph Sneider, lawyer and Alfred Bloomingdale, grandson founder of "Bloomingdale", a series of establishments luxurious things, who was after dinner with the lord McNamara to pay, but to play some of the awards Tuesday at home and face full of shame, he needed call his wife to the house and ask him It can take money.

He promised himself to never return Something like this happens and between the three they started to design a personal mode and insurance payable on credit different locations. Then he rises Club Diners, its first company of credit cards which began in 1950 and they went into 14 centers of New York where the card was working.

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