Google Duplex starts activating in some Pixel in the United States

Your Pixel phone will soon receive Duplex to make calls for you.

Angela Lang / CNET

Google Duplex's artificial intelligence call service is being activated from this week on some Pixel phones.

Google confirmed to the VentureBeat site that the service is being gradually activating, starting this week in a "small group" of Pixel units. This is the second occasion that Google deploys Duplex, for a few months ago it launched the service to a "reduced group of trusted users."

Likewise, Google told VB that Duplex is available only in some cities in the United States. Google assured during its I / O developers event that New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco are Duplex pilot cities.

Google Duplex is one of the most recent and ambitious functions of Google Assistant. The company announced Duplex a few months ago and demonstrated its functionality by allowing the service to make a call to a restaurant to make a reservation and was able to keep a conversation with the restaurant staff to confirm the table, number of attendees and time of the reservation

VB already had access to Duplex and describes its experience in its report. Google confirmed the deployment to CNET but did not give more details about the availability.

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