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Granma poses a health-emerging illness – CMKX Radio Bayamo

BAYAMO.- At the beginning of the third month of the year and as a result of ongoing work, the Granma department demonstrates a favorable health-positive situation, without reporting on the spread of arbovirosis.

In statements to the media, Dr. Ciro Estrada García, director of the Public Health department in the country, has stabilized since October and November 2018, when there were problems in the René Vallejo polyclinic, in Bayamo.

Along with the work of health and auditors and grass controllers, he said, the current product is also good now; Responding to efforts and support from political and governmental authorities.

This means a high level of commitment to sustainability, as well as to # 39; continue to work, with greater control and demand, to solve the problems that continue to continue, and including shortcomings in the work of the staff, he said.

Among the good results of the department in Granma, the doctor reported that no performance issues were made from 2016.

Estrada García published, at the end of the second month of 2019, that its divorced divide; maintain a degree of maternal mortality at nerve, and show progress in the care program for her & # 39; uncomfortable couple, and lower level of low pressure (4.8), in respect of those reported in the previous year (5.1).

However, other high-level indicators show unhealthy records, such as the death of infants, in 4.3, and a lower birth rate, with 23 births less than the previous level, stressed .

He also said that the fertility of youth, who represents 22% of the total number of pregnant women in the area, is still a specific subject and his / her; Increase risk seem obstetric pathologies.

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