Green Day "on land" on Mars


UNITED STATUS (Redaccin) – The American American punk band released their unexpected report on their Twitter account. From the bird's social network, follow the band on Mars. No, no, a skip with the words "Green Day Since 1986".

The writing of the skipper who is carrying on InSight's board is a & # 39; refers to the year established by the Californian band. In this way, its punk group is a & # 39; The first one in history to finish the planets of the planet and to the red planet.

The InSight's intention is to "Green Day" skipper to be & # 39; The study of Mars Mars is closer. "It was officially officially recorded on" Green Day "from 1986" on a slate in Mars Lander's "NASAInSight" landmark on Elysium Planitia, out of the world "Billie Joe Armstrong and his entire band wrote to mark their performance.

His band, composed by Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar and song), Mike Dirnt (bass and choruses) and Tr Cool (drums and chorus), was set up in 1986 under the name Sweet Children, but in In 1989 he changed the name that Warner Records had signed his name to another local band, with a similar name: Sweet Baby.

In 1998 the band recorded its first material, and b> # 39; Sweet Children is still the name. The work was published in April 1989 and has been 1000 times. the title. There are 4 traces written by Armstrong, but one day before the publication, which came out exclusively on vinyl, the name was changed on Green Day.

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