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HBO hides six iron cities all over the world … one of which is in Atienza | NewAlcarria

One of Atienza's six kings HBO has hidden all over the world in order to celebrate the final quarter of Game of Thrones. The producer of the famous series suggests a challenge to her fans: find the six kings who have hidden in different parts of the planet. So there is a forest in the chest that is hidden in the cradle. One of the winter conditions that emerges in the heart of a beautiful landscape. Another of Valirya is in deserted, two that are still hidden and, finally, Throne of Joy. The last one is found in the town of Atienza, where thousands of people have already moved to be built with him. "It was full of people. Yesterday even a new couple came to photograph," said chief executive, Pedro Loranca.

Thursday (Thursday) has seen the king open to the public and many have come into the village to take photographs with him. But the factor hopes their hopes will grow even more in the future, as it has now been when the news has fallen on social networks. In addition, the followers of Game of Thrones are only included until they become a summary.

Series fans will remember that Guadalajara was the one chosen to represent one of the main sections of this saga: namely the Torre de la Alegría. That time, Zafra was the chosen castle to be filmed, resulting in a dramatic increase in tourism in the Molina area. Now, however, he has put this city beside Atienza castle, another of the province's logo.

The Town Council has taken this opportunity to promote the town of Atienza and, as well as taking a series of the Game of Atienza shirts, they have called on the recipients. A photo of the throne divided by social networks with the AtienzaPorElTrono.

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