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Here are the three largest batches of Goku

Make a list of the largest trophies of GokuThe magazine V Jump He asked his readers to vote for the best fighting Kakaroto has influenced its history and their public views have only left their opinion on brave activities Goku.

Without more, the fight won its first place Kakaroto arguing against Ice cream on the planet Namek. And at that time there was a lot of interesting anime names because he reached a higher level in the field of energy, technical and abilities Goku. In addition, there was a deadly situation for many of the Z Warriors. This was done with a man who was so important that he had returned several times.

The second is a & # 39; meeting Goku and Jiren, to represent the latest in the saga Dragon Ball, where the whiskey even reached those with little interest in this series. Undoubtedly the fight was interesting, but it was also necessary to consider that all that was said about it pushed social networks to this place, would not benefit from, for example, the fight against Ice cream.

The third place is for that duelle Goku the face Vegeta. And yes, it is essential to emphasize the person they are saying. It is special about the man Kakaroto arguing with him Majin Vegeta, in one of the worst times for the Earth's heroes, but left one of the best chairs between these two competing warriors.

Normally with this surface, not everyone is agreed, but it is important to remember that they are ideas and are not categorized above that of people & # 39; feel about it. From this perspective, what are the causes of those who inspired you? Do you agree that these three are?

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