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How to write WhatsApp to not see your photo and your personal information

WhatsApp is the message message as well as Android users. When you talk to people the request is & # 39; show our communications and information in our & # 39; profile. Do not want to do this? There is a trick to hide this data.

There are users who need to write things to people on WhatsApp that do not have their connections. Also, if you do not want some people to see personal information: there is a way download specific information from the message app.

Users who use the app on their mobile phone can use specific information to hunt. These include the profile photograph, contact information section, states and the last time of connection. WhatsApp allows certain personal information to be removed from those who do not want to be viewed. How can this be achieved?

The key is to be & # 39; Sharing personal personal data to let people from the links on the # 39; agenda with the people we do not want exchange information; you need to talk to them without sending your number to a & # 39; our phone. We call it this action Click to Sgàil: Let you send WhatsApp messages just by phone number. In addition, it is possible both in the normal version of the app and the web version. Of course, it can be very interesting for many users.

Include information to hide

WhatsApp privacy

Before you can use the action you will need to sort out the information that we restart. This is designed within WhatsApp. So, the first thing you do is open the application and submit the redesigned options. Inside the changes that you need to submit to the first section, the account. Ann then access to the privacy section.

In the privacy settings, you will configure what information is hidden in the WhatsApp profile. It is about it profile photo, contact profile information, connection time and states. You can choose here what you want to hide. So, every user needs to choose what they want to do.

It is said to be hidden, although you have to do that only identifiers can only see this information. In this way, only the nearby numbers can see the personal data that WhatsApp has to & # 39; shown. In fact, the phone number is always visible.

Submit WhatsApp messages to the profile of the profile

Once the previous step is completed, the activity of the messengers can be used without being in the communications book. You need to open a web browser (via your phone or on your computer and) special address writing, which is: Where the letters X, the phone number of the person you want to write must apply.

WhatsApp Writing

You need to use the international code (in our case we have a Spanish code, which is 34). It is very important that this person is removed from the notifications before sending messages in this way, or so they will continue to see our personal pictures and information.

When you write the code above with the phone number The WhatsApp website appears on the screen. This will ask if you want to send a message to a phone number that has been entered: just click on the # 39; Message button.

Then the WhatsApp app will open in its application version if the process has been made from Android; If you use a computer browser, the webpage of the message application will be opened. It's just for writing and submitting the message: the other will not have access to anything but our phone number.

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