Huawei provides a solution to data centers to celebrate its success at Mobile World Congress in

BARCELONA, Spain, 27 February (Xinhua) – The Chinese tech technology Huawei today reveals the interim relationship between its inter-generational center (DCI) for its awards celebrate. Last week, the World Mobile Congress group is making it one of the biggest winners of the technology fair held today in Barcelona.

Huawei commented that the project wants to build an ultra-broadband, simpler and more mental DCI network, using 600G single-touch lighthouse, optical switching of optic plug-in and engine engines network network.

Hereby, "the DCI networks expect a time of ultra-broad, simple and prestigious band robot information" and "600G of single wave wave can be a connection between cloud speed and speed high to implement the value of ultra-broadband connectivity. "

"Huawei has a high priority on DCI in recurrent networks and its growing technological renewal," said Chen Wenbo, former president of Huawei's attractive business line.

He stated that "buyers and partners, such as solar service providers, MTDC (multi-tenancy data centers) and IXP (internet exchange points) will work to an ultra-broadband, non-barrier and DCI network take forward flexibility. "

The new Huawei exhibition is a great way of celebrating success at GSMA Mobile Global Awards, awards that are organized every year.

The company won five awards, and # 39; including the best advances in Mobile Phones Technology (awarded to companies with global annual revenue of more than 10 million US dollars) for updating 5G access network.

"Huawei is honored to win this award. The way of improving broadcasting in the early stages of 5G implementation is the general problem for the business. To encourage the development of its business, Developing consumer knowledge and helping users to better use the network and the driving force services are behind the innovation of Huawei in wire technologies, especially in 5G technologies, " The marketing leader of Solwela Wireless Huawei, Zhou Yuefeng said at the service.

The Chinese company and Swiss Sunrise telecommunications company cooperated together with the Best Traveler Purchasing Service Award for their 5G based induction service, and Gaoqing local government won and Huawei is the Best Mobile Phones Innovation Award for the cities

Huawei won the Optimized Optimization Award for Automotive for solving C-V2X.

Eventually, he won the Judicial Choice-Best Smartphone award for Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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