Hundreds of women have been tested with implants with deadly cancer – Univision 34 Los Angeles

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reported that hundreds of women have been proven with fatal lympoma caused by meaning implants.

There are over 600 cases of crystalline lympoma related to implants worldwide. Of those, 457 in the United States. In the country, nine women were killed.

This is the cancer of the rare, aggressive and defensive system that affects the ventilation and extranodal divisions. Regularly, the signs appear towels, chips or pain.

According to the FDA, textile implants are more related to cancer than those with a flattened laird. For this reason, and as an abusive step, its agency is suggesting primary doctors and genetic scientists to learn more about this type of cancer, and so to judge and diagnose them; Managing women who may be at a better risk.

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