If the failure of Amazon Web Services leaves two Corran translations online

Two of the most important Changes in South Korea have been brought online as a result of a failure in the Amazon Web Services service (AWS).

It is a collection of public cloud computing services in AWS (also known as web services) creating a cloud computing platform together, offered through the Internet by Amazon.com. This suffered a failure of a network that lasted more than one hour in the Asian country.

Coinone and Upbit were the two Exchange that influenced his & # 39; blamed. But other online businesses also saw their arrests, such as Market Kurly, a food delivery service, Yanolja, a hotel booking service, and POOQ, an online media service company.

Fortunately, both Iomlaid have started all of their commercial services. Both of them went on to inform stopping and telling users. It is indicative that Upbit has impeded a number of commercial orders that were implemented before the service was opened to protect firefighters.

At the moment there is a 24-hour trading measure of 122,269,527 dollars and craft in Upbit with 205 cryptocurrencies. However, Coinone has a smaller measure of around 16,755,956. In addition, it only works with 16 bases. In both XRPs it is the most expensive money; there.

Everything seems to show that AWS had no adverse effect on its; community cryptocurrency. However, many community members consider that there are a large number of blockchain notes that are; They like to be hosted by cloud computing services.

For example, in July, independent researchers said that Alibaba, AWS competitors, hosted around half of the nests that had been in place; Feed the Bitcoin Cash chain. Although the truth of the applications is still uncertain, the bankruptcy for many will clearly indicate the need to replace Translation.

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