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Investigate risk factors to develop cancer in children

To find genetic differences related to childhood cancer to establish early diagnosis, UNAM experts surveyed the genome of 50 children with that situation, and their parents, to find out if there is genetic change who has come back helps to find it.

In Mexico, cancer is the biggest cause of death due to disease in children, and unlike cancer in adults, there are no prevention or early intervention measures, "said Gabriela Mercado Celis, of Clinic Clinic, in the postgraduate Faculty of Dentistry (FO).

February 15 celebrates the International Day of the Fight against Youth Counseling, and the aim is to play a " raising awareness of the challenges faced by children, young people and their families. It is also expected that children have access to appropriate diagnosis and remedies.

The study

The research is carried out in the Laboratory Genomics Laboratory, in conjunction with the private support center (IAP) "Here is none", which helps between 800 and a thousand families of children with this disease, from different states of the Party.

Gabriela Mercado Celis, who is the guide of the investigation, explained that families who agree to take part in the & # 39; get a family diagram to evaluate the family's confirmation, writing, structure and advanced circle. In addition, to identify environmental risk factors, they must answer questionnaires in the Public Health Department, which is led by Aída Borges Yáñez.

The genetic study is derived from saliva samples of each parent and the child with cancer, which is being examined in the Clinical Genomics Network, where the DNA is cleared to maintain a continuous process and bio- Also make information to cooperate with Jorge Meléndez Zajgla, of the National Institute of Genomic Medicine.

"By analyzing a trios (mama, father and patients) we expect to identify environmental and / or mineral hazard factors, or genetic changes, as potential for potential development Painting cancer, "said Oscar Alonso Luna, graduating student and partner. in the research.

No steps prevent

Leukemias, with lymphomas (10 per cent) and tumors of the strange system (10 per cent) are estimated to have 52% of diabetic cancer in Mexico.

Although he represents a percent of all cancer cases, it is a youth problem, because there are about 2,300 deaths annually because of this, Mercado Celis said.

Unlike cancer in adults, with less than five percent associated with hereditary syndrome, in child patients this figure is between 10 and 30 percent, even without family history. "We believe there is no history in most cases. There are dangers, but they are not marked," added the expert.

Two years ago, Mercado Celis the Medical Research Stimulus "Miguel Alemán Valdés", from the Establishment of Miguel Alemán, was in co-investment with the UNAM, to identify some changes to the risk of painting cancer. Now it's trying to be & # 39; Analyzing not only for some genres, but the complete genome of children and their parents, making and sharing a database with researchers from other parts of the world.

If there are related genetic differences, early diagnostic measures can be established and, if applicable, genetic counseling for families, he said.

At the same time, Laura Vidales, the founder of the institution said, "A person can be surrendered here," they are saying; Co-operation in the study because every family has the same responsibility: to know why the son was ill.

"When you tell you that your child has a cancer, the question we ask is: why was he sick? What can I do to prevent And the answer is: & We do not know, it's really hard, "he said.

"Parents are interested because and it is important to know that they have the chance to have a child at risk of cancer development, and talk to them as a couple and a & # 39; making decisions. The families that today will help others not to face what we get. "

He also participates in the inspection as the six children are experiencing; losing its cancer counterpart in Mexico. "One would be enough for us to do something, but there are six who are making our efforts and trying to try something out to this vulnerable group," he said.

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