Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, shows that he will not be scared

He built one of the most prestigious companies in the world from the outset and was the richest man on his & her; planet.

Now, Jeff Bezos is trying to show that he is not frightened in a battle of weddings by a politician-related businessman, who is an owner of a supermarket board.

Bezos, Amazon, founded Amazon at his home garage in 1994 and was driving a & # 39; The company is becoming a giant that sells online sales, there are jobs in television and television, food, computing, artificial devices, artificial information and much more.

It also has its businesses including The Washington Post and the Blue Origin private space company.

Despite the years expected to grow Amazon and its fortune, is estimated at 133,000 million dollars, it became the focus of the last January when he named, After 25 years of marriage, without splitting his wife

When the National Enquirer magazine, under the control of President Donald Trump, David Pecker, threatened to showcase interesting and multi-millionaire pictures by her lover, the second invaded by informing the public about her relationship.

"If I do not stop this type of page, how many people can do it?", Bezos wrote in his & # 39; Medium service blog.

The bomb caused a wave of answers, many of which welcomed its decision to oppose Pecker and the Enquirer.

"Everyone can not stop the terrorists, gangsters and the people who fight, but if possible, you have to do that," said politics Pierre Omidyar , who founded eBay.

Recently, Bezos was seen as a proactive and authentic businessman who was in a position; running his business accidentally and avoided to appear to the scene, although it was obvious that he faced Trump after a series of attacks with his / her; president.

On the road to success

The reason for Bezos is for exams to be returned to his / her; His first age, with the famous news he knew he tried to send an army when he was too big a child.

His mother was a teenager when she was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 12, 1964.

"You published yourself, you protected us, let us fall, you brought us and you always loved us and decided," a & # 39; Tweeted last Mother's Day in May, a & # 39; thanking him for "everything".

She married again when Jeff was four years old, and then the boy was legally taken by his caretaker, a migrant who worked as an engineer in large petrochemical company.

"My father from Cuba later came to not speak English when he was 16, and he has been working hard since then," said the tweeter of a new tweeter Father's Day, June last year.

Born from Texas, his mother's family, where Bezos spent many summers working on land with one of his grandfather's grandfather, who was a regional director of the United States Commission for Atomic Energy.

Becos was heard by computer science when he broke the technology industry to a large extent and studied engineering at Princeton's important University.

After graduating he put his skills to the Wall Street service, where he was a former president of the D.E. company. In 1990 Shaw, but four years later he marveled his colleagues by leaving this post with good pay to open an online bookshop called

According to folklore, the project started in the Seattle garage of Seattle, with the financial support of its parents, and Bezos became a boy with a love of what he made to become a converter to between online.

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"The Hunger Games"

For many years Amazon lost money while & # 39; And Bezos was going to be able to go. Investing profits to obtain profits in the future, delaying a plan of fruit-bearing.

Last year, he said that his company had a & # 39; going for a second seat, after a man in Seattle, to launch a competition that was rated by some "Hunger Games", and there is now a debate between two places: the city of New York or outside Washington.

Producing the latest Amazon results, $ 3 billion in seasonal profits, the founder will put pressure on digital information and the Alexa digital speed.

Bezos had refused to go with other bumblebees who spend some of their profits on charity projects, but last year they announced a finest humanitarian asset of $ 2 billion to help homeless families and build schools in low income communities. income

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