Jennifer Aniston was surprised to see 50 years of latex sex clothes

Jennifer Aniston was full of her condition and beauty in a photograph that took place in Malibu, California.

The 50-year-old would wear a smartly dressed robot with an opening which looked at his chartered legs.

During the session you will see the Friends of a friend standing beside a dog of a Doberman race.

Previously photography he saw him coming in with a white coat, a bra black and short.

Last month Aniston marked his birthday with a number of friends in the center, including his predecessor Brad Pitt.

"I love to celebrate, not only do I feel better physically but also in my mind, I didn't know anything in the 20s, at 30 & # 2. T I tried to read everything, and at 40 you think "ok ok, I can handle this", "said the actor. .

Jennifer Aniston says that her big body will have food and exercise, including boxing and yoga.

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