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Jorge Posada came to the management of the Marlins

Jorge Posada, a special adviser, is Derek Jeter

AP | SA- Jorge Posada They agree to a partnership again Derek Jeter, this time in regulation Miami Marlins, sure someone knows the conversations.

Puerto Rican works as a special advisor to Jeter, a company of the team New York Yankees for a long time and now an active leader of the Marlins, the one who spoke to the Associated Press said on Tuesday that his identity is unknown, since the previous creditor of New York Yankees in a formal way

As Jeter, Posada spent all his career with the Yankees. Posada has also been living in South Florida since he retired after the 2011 season.

Posada beat him .273 with 275 homers and 1,065 runs in a 17-part season with the Yankees. He was also the manager of the final case when the Marlins of the Yankees met in the World Series 2003, link a calendar to its first place and its & # 39; ending with Josh Beckett, a & # 39; give him the second competition.

The Marlins have not played a football match since then.

Jeter is entering into his second season as the team's general manager. He received a counting record that was formerly a manager of Don Mattingly, formerly the Yankees exastro, and since then he sent many other people to his time in the Yankees, -and Deputy Head of Player Development, Gary Denbo; player leader Dan Greenlee; director of amateur employers, DJ Svihlik; and now, Posada.

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