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Lack of myth: Why are they so dangerous for health?

The body can have a significant impact on these methods to lose weight in particular

People have a special taste for what is easy, which does not make so much effort to achieve. It can be said wonderful to die They are in that area of ​​easy things, but also in things that are dangerous for health.

What is wonderful to die?

One great diet It is a diet that helps reduce body weight in a very few days.

Its wonderful life is a n; appear as "harbors"In a person's way by removing the extra kilos, a summary that would only be needed for certain foods and without others, and lack of exercise.

How do you recognize a wonderful death?

Since then wonderful to die they offer unique special features, or what we can identify as a real promise, their basic features can stand out current diet and make sure that the miracle is easy.

  • The drops that are lost with diet development can easily be easily recovered after this one. Reproduction effects of a meracle diet, or Yo-Yo Impact.
  • An wonderful to die offers very attractive offers that are difficult to refuse. Missing stress without effort, not to # 39; get hungry, or lose weight in an extraordinary time.
  • We talk about & # 39; Providing poor food in caloric content.
  • They can be ordered by people who do not have broad or legitimate knowledge in the world of well-being and nutrition.
  • There are usually no other changes in lifestyle, such as physical activity, with them.
  • They can use a picture of famous people to reinforce their "validity".

Direct health effects

danger of eating great
Photograph: Clachan

We have already seen that there are commitments wonderful to die they have a split that can endanger human life. Now it's time adverse effects of her health.

  • Increase the risk of suffering depression and eating disorders.
  • As the promises to die miracles are very difficult to achieve, the person who has been able to do so may be very difficult. smell of achievement fault fears and feeling of crime.
  • They can do nutrient deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and protein.
  • They do not teach healthy lifestyles.

Amazing types will die

Within a group of brilliant words, we have three distinct types of search we can find.

  • Daughters rich in protein

In this diet, the protein donation rarely provides the proteins between 40 and 45%, and the level of lock is more than 25%. Typically, the only protein foods that include red meat and fish are cooked on and off; parrot and vegetables.

  • Daughters rich in carbohydrates

This type of diet is marked by the huge increase Wearing rich food in carbohydrates and it to limit the consumption of protein and fat meat.

It is included in the A fragment of rich foods in carbohydrates with the rich in protokols and their different. Advocates say that the body can not accept the calories of the macronutrients if taken separately, so I would not get stress.


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