Lala FC came to Divisional Division

There are two teams in Ciudad Guayana in the highest department.

File PRIMICY / Individual image | The Guyanese team knew how to handle their commitment

With targets from Ángel Hernández and Abizail Lugo, Lala FC defeated Margarita FC 2 × 0 in the second part of the final and made sure they went on to the First Division.

In a duel that took place in CTE Cachamay, the Guyanese team knew how to steer the threads for living with her. impact.

Those who were managed by Del Valle Rojas 1-0 lost their first step and had to win two or more goals to keep the ticket to their. the summit.

Now there are two teams at Ciudad Guayana in the First Division, from Lala FC to & # 39; join with Ministers.

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