Maduro uses popular sovereignty

6 February, 2019 01:15 AM

Nicolás Maduro's disorder, who is "lost his debt", and the regular breach of his constitution "is to use his Constitution and sovereignty, "said Héctor Navarro, former Minister for Education and Energy. Electricity when President Hugo Chavez was late.

In the opinion, before Maduro "has no confidentiality in front of the people, the National Assembly and its president, Juan Guaidó, have great legitimacy." However, he believes that there would be "a vote that would be chosen by him, in the use of his Constitution and democracy." Juan Guaidó was sworn on January 23 as president of the case and has a support with over 40 countries.

After a meeting with the Parliamentary president, in which Cavismo opposed and members of the platform took part in the defense of the Constitution: Rodrigo Cabezas, Gustavo Márquez, Gonzalo Gómez, Edgardo Lander and Oly Millán, Navarro argued that the Legislation "would look for effective speakers with their Executive to communicate effectively, and postcards on their ".

He said that they share the need to "open the possible routes and not stop trying to confirm that the route needs to be peaceful and constitutional, "with respect to sovereignty and his / her; eliminating foreign attack.

He believes that the conflict must be through a consultation referendum to renew all their powers, with a new National Election Council which is set out in accordance with its constitution. "Both sides need to sit down and agree. They can not lead us to war: We can not allow the Venezuelans to be killed on the street or to be killed by bombs," said e.

He said that a public and national opinion motion should emphasize the government and the entire political force to accept the & reconciliation process: "If the people encourage conversation, people need to hear."

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