Marco Rubio: "He discovered that the government was not the Cuba Baseball Federation."

The Republican Senator of Florida, Marco RubioProtected by social networks the president's decision Donald Trump stopping the agreement between the agreement Football Premier League (MLB, for the acronym in English) and the Cuba Baseball Federation (FCB) t what allow the island players to sign contracts just with the franchises.

At the start of the week Trump's administration was behind the barrier of Barack Obama saying that the FCB was not therefore part of the Cuba regulation the Premier League League could debate them and pay a "release fee"., which equals the percentage of the bonus received by each Cuba player by signing his contract.

Warm he used his Twitter account to say so "The decision that Trump made is right in law" t and he said "It is fiction that the Cuba Baseball Federation is not a Statutory Federation.".

“Cuba players go illegally for one reason, Cuba doesn't allow them to go freely, they're part of a system that they see as a slave. Cuba's easy solution is for those men to travel freely to the United States for play. no fee to pay " tsaid the politician.

Right now, that's of Cuba players played in the US league, considering the best in the world t. Most protected from the communist island, often in difficult circumstances. For example, Yasiel Puig, the newest Cincinnati Reds Ranger, t stolen by companies in a motel in Mexico for months in one of his efforts to escape from Cuba.

His agreement with the FAW Balloon Federation during the Obama era had forced him to remove Cuba's talent from the United States in a more dangerous way, t teams from the island were paid 15 or 20% of the contracts for playersleft their country in commercial planes and paid taxes to the Cuban government.

With a decision Trump there is a fear "It's about people" in sports gloves and 8-inch balls. Currently There is no US ambassador in Cuba and it is difficult for Americans to travel to the island. However, this restriction cannot interfere with the historical issue: there have been over 350 Cuba footballers since 2014.

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