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Miguel Cabrera hit his second pre-season home run

March 10, 2019 08:35 PM
Updated on March 10, 2019 9:07 PM

Test Detection Advertising These things and other feelings should be considered in the cave of Detroit Tigers after the results have been thrown off when springing off. disappeared Miguel Cabera.

Throughout its latest changes in the league showcase games, the Venezuelan rulle appears to have been routed in the accident box and this Sunday affected its second preseason home run in The duel The Detroit Tigers was matched two runs against New York Yankees.

Cabrera's beat, named as the fourth place in the attack and named order, was held at the bottom of the second piece before Néstor Cortés launched Cuban, which opened the moles a day.

Your Miggy was the only job he had; in two opportunities; He also reached 6 RBIs and 4 runs to leave their average in .400 (8 visits in 20 innings) to spread over 9 games in total. These figures look more than a & # 39; thought he was inactive for more than 8 months before returning to field at the end of February.

Cabrera was the only Venezuelan who stood out for the cats for the cats. The receiver Hector Sanchez, who replaced him in the game, took place in another Detroit race, with a full eighth leg.

The Harold Castro service jumped from the hill to play in the left field and twice to the plate that can not hit any.

Increased strength in the Grapefruit

Avisaíl García and Francisco Cervelli were also punished by her; competing with two homers, although one of them was marked with benefit and the other would have to be configured for their & # 39; case, both in the challenges associated with League of Grapefruit.

Garcia started his long-term career in preparation for the season and was a major person in the 8-1 Tampa Rays over Boston Red Sox. The slim slugger was used as a fourth bat and a fourth attack before he retired with one right in three shows before the poison.

At the same time, Cervelli could not ban on Pittsburgh Pirates in front of the second ninth of New York Yankees, which won 5 to 4. The mask was in a position; including the regulation of the home, as well as the bone and increased slightly to .143.

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