Miss Worldwide 1993 told her fans that she is suffering from skin cancer

Lathaanara Torres, crowned as the most beautiful of Miss Universe in 1993, is reinforced through her social networks that she suffers from skin cancer.

Puerto Rican and ex-wife Marc Anthony for 10 years said he is under medical cure and has already given two surgeries, according to People and Univisión.

"As mothers, we always care for everyone around us: our children, our families, our friends, our pets, everyone. Sometimes we will be able to do so. forget my own. I'm telling you the sad news that I had a skin cancer, melanoma, crab and a pig and I did not pay attention, "said a 44-year-old woman with two children.

Torres, he said, went to review the suggestion of his companion, Louis D 'Esposito, after notifying their motivation and mill on his skin.

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