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Morning exercise can help with stress on blood

Morning exercise can help with stress on blood.
Morning exercise can help with stress on blood.

A new Australian study aims to find new ways of controlling blood pressure, which is essential for heart health, to find that half an hour of morning exercise can stress too much pressure and people are overweight during the day.

In the case of a woman, in particular, the study found that a frequent breach of those who stop throughout the day could offer additional benefits, according to the research published in February in the magazine Hypertension

"In constant times and females, the decrease in systolic blood pressure slowly decreased the exercise and the sessions where they stopped coming into & 39; may be expected from unsuccessful cure, "said the main author. of the work, Michael Wheeler, a member of the Baker of the Heart Institute and the diabetes Illness in Melbourne.

"But that reduction was bigger than women," he said.

The survey and the results

For the research, they work with 67 people aged 55 to 80 years; aged, who made three different sessions at the surgery, in random order, at least six days apart.

The three sessions of the study: a & # 39; uninterrupted for eight hours; Sit for an hour about 30 minutes to a mid-distance plowing mill, and 6.5 hours long distance; and an hour sitting before 30 minutes on the tape, and then sitting with a 30 minute season for a lightweight sting for three minutes, for 6.5 hours.

As a result, they opened that the proportion of systolic (high number) and diastolic (low level) proportions was reduced both among people and among women who participated in exercise in the morning , compared to the session in which they did not use.
They also found that there was an extra benefit (gradual reduction in systolic blood pressure) among women when they combined exercise during the morning with frequent sessions where they did not sit during the day, which were not found in men.

For the authors of the work there is no clear difference, but he explained that it could be due to a variety of factors, for example the different responses to adrenaline to exercise. They also reported that all women in the study were born, when women have a higher risk of heart disease.

Wheeler recalled that previous studies have increased benefit from breaking off from a condition of blood pressure among people with greater risk of heart disease.

He also noted that more research is now needed to find out whether there is early exercise in the morning and often seasonal seasons also provide benefits in people's blood pressure young and those who are not too heavy.

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