"Mr belly" said he does not "remember" if he is suffering from Alzheimer's

Édgar Vivar- Señor Barriga / Tomada de Alchetron
Édgar Vivar- Señor Barriga / Tomada de Alchetron

Édgar Vivar, who is remembered for "Mr belly" was given in "Chavo del Ocho" for 30 years, still working as an actor and trying to use his memory to avoid losing it.

TvyNovelas México interviewed the artist, talk about the healing he is doing to control Alzheimer's effects.

But then, he said he does not remember what he is suffering from the disease.

At the end of the season, the actor watched the media.

"They create and say so many things if I would; clarify or deny, at least. I do not remember, the truth (if you have Alzheimer's). "

The Mexican media says last year he said he had the disease, but now he said that Alzheimer was scared and that's "There is a normal reduction of age. We all complete this decline to a smaller or lesser extent."

Vivar also explained that he is able to attract new things, his memory, and his / her. read a lot and try to develop skills that he did not use before.

"I'll use the left for many things, in a short time, but indeed we will all be able to get there."

Although his only memory is now younger, he said he was happy because he was still employed.

"I am very clear and steady. I have many projects, film, plays, exhibitions, etc."

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