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Now you can have WhatsApp simultaneously with two devices News

At this time, people around the world need to keep in touch, either for work or strong links with their families.

An technology and digital platforms have become one use, because they allow the person to encourage communication, regardless of the distance, religion or language.

That's why, that's About the BBC to develop another option so that its users use simultaneously with two mobile phones and their; Keeping your message instantaneously without problems.

The device allows you to use the conversation on two calls at different times.

How does it work?

By using a request of third parties that allow you to report a session so that you would use a webpage.

Zapclone can be downloaded from PlayStore. Picture: andro4all

What do we say it?

The application is mentioned ZapClone. It can be downloaded PlayStore only for Android.

What else to do?

When you download it ZapClone in the main mobile phone (in which the main account is About the BBC) you must submit the application, you can see in the application's configuration a QR code, this will be added to the messenger's service website style.

After viewing the code, you need to scan with its & # 39; your main mobile phone. The application allows you to complete your phone's synchronization as well as simultaneously with your record.

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