Rivero will look for a & # 39; finished Leñadores

Birds already know how they hit the Cubans and they want the upper body of A

CARACAS.- An Lara Court Cards They are closing late today Lumberjacks of Las Tunas (TheCuba) delete deleted calendar 2019 Caribbean Caribbean Series, and searching for a piece of gold, José Moreno a & # 39; a & # 39; a member Raul Rivero.

The impact of how four armies was designed by a red bird technical group for champions, with Rivero's appearance, hill, in the second Cuban and Venezuelan conflict of today's competition, which was previously described as opener on the side of the keepers.

The Larenses defeated the locals last Wednesday 1-0 and was extended to five benefits over Antillean teams since they were re-introduced in 2014, but also want more in Group A.

Rivero is the one. The 32-year-old 32-year-old handheld acknowledgment of weight, as he was in a position; Guards the Cardinals with the title, with four homes and a third in white against the Chinese during the fifth final LVBP final game, so Moreno's confidence is completely.

The pub will appear in the Caribbean show after joining the Águilas del Zulia in Culiacán 2017, but he is going to investigate her; his first success. At that time he threw five clean running events but had not been decided.

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