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Ronald Acuña broke the piñata millionaire

The sharp reference Creole, who promised the future, confirmed that a contract would extend to 2029 for over $ 100 million.

FIGUEROA CARLOS CARACAS.- With just 115 games of experience from debating with Atlanta on 25 April 2018 Ronald Acuña Yesterday it is the youngest star to sign a contract extension to at least 100 million dollars in history t Key candidates.

Yesterday, the official agreement of the Braves agreed to $ 94.44 million for eight sessions (2020-27), which could have been extended to 2029, if they use the options of two $ 17 million seasons each t So, or if they expect to pay a termination fee for $ 10 million.

The big deal which has been negotiated, Greg Genske, the Acuña agency's agent, is one of the most profitable of the continents for a player in his second season.

The Varguense referee, who won the 2018 Rookie Year of the Year award, is the youngest player to win a multi-year contract of at least 100 million dollars. At the age of 21, he passed over a six-year $ 144.5 million expansion for six seasons that Mike Angeles gave Mike Trout in 2014, when he was 22 years old.

Acuña could not intervene to the 2022 campaign and was free to carry out an insurance market at the end of the 2024 season.

Acuña's rates for 2019 have been set at 560 miles and, with the extension, they will continue to be linked to the Atlanta installation until 31 years, age which has much to add as players.

Acuña was signed by the Braves in 2014 on a recommendation from Rolando Petit from the scouts. An office of 253 games in various sub-groups of the small league system reached the team.

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