Saludanz reported an increase in dengue cases in the Anzoátegui state

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The tiger The president of the Anzoatiguense Health Institute (Saludanz), Omar Aray, reported that the cases of dengue in the entity have been increased, mainly in El Tigre, Anaco, Cantaura and Barcelona.

"Suddenly, feverish cases, one diagnosis or dengue, or malaria, Zica or Chikungunya, increase in mind, is what we realize is that in Barcelona, ​​Anaco, Cantaura and El Tigre have been the areas where these pathologies have increased. ; If the populations do not have permanent water through the pipes, they have to conserve water in their homes, these are crustaceans. For us 200 cases is an increase, because we had 50, "said Aray.

The health authority said they would take advantage of the days of fumigation against the zancudo that transmits malaria to combat the "white legs" that involves dengue.

"It's a pretty hard work, we suggest that people take the prevention measures that are the use of the mosquito, repeats of any kind to remove the mosquitoes, these picnic in the morning and afternoon hours when it is recommended to Families that protect children, especially avoiding pest plague; all patients with a fever should go to the doctor, "the informant said.

The president of Saludanz announced that in the plans of control of malaria, together with the Ministry of Health, they will deliver about three thousand mosquitoes impregnated with repellents in the populations of Soledad and Mapire.

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