Stop classes and reduce working hours

March 31, 2019 – 10:34 f

Influencing people from 7 March charged the government with Nicolás Maduro to reduce working hours and stop classes, as well as putting in place a 30-day electricity rationing plan.

"The 30-day cargo management plan has gone live this Sunday, 31 March," said Maduro at a radio and television station, without assigning it.

“Bolivarian government has decided to stop the school performances and to establish a day's day work in two evenings in public and private organizations,” said Minister for Communications Jorge Rodriguez earlier, when he read an official statement.

The official text did not specify how long the number of working hours or cancellations will last, although Maduro suggested school events could be restored "between Tuesday or Wednesday". next week.

The degree similar to those submitted during the years 2016 and 2018 by Maduro, describes the downstream flow of the Guri water plant, which generates 80% of the total. T energy consumption in the country, due to the effects of the thirst.

After a new blackout left the capital and several states in the dark on Saturday night, the minister said that he was again a saving.

“Bolivarian government talks to Venezuela and the world and eliminates serious crime and the pressure of two organized and co-ordinated attacks against the national electricity system to crime and death of attempts. T says the government of the revolutionary government (…) to power the electric power service, "said Rodríguez.

Sleepless nights

The opponents, Juan Guaidó, were asked at the rally on Saturday night to go out to complain every time an electric screen and water was in short supply.

The ladies of FANB (Armed Forces) complain that everyone, including you and their families, is suffering as a result of falling into the system. They must protect them from the collection, "he wrote on Twitter on Sunday.


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