The good zuliana pipe will be pronounced in Pdvsa La Estancia Maracaibo

PDVSA La Estancia Maracaibo welcomes her & # 39; Zulian community to enjoy the special pipe show that will be involved in the participation of Los Chiquilines del Sur and Gaiteros de Sierra Maestra, Saturday, November 24, Start at 4:00 pm in the evening.

The Chiquilines del Sur group comes for the first time, & # 39; coming from San Francisco town. They will be ready to encourage the public with their talents and books filled with the best pipes.

In the same way, the cultural center will find the Sierra Maestra Piping group, who also has a stage on the platform for his / her. The first time at PDVSA La Estancia Maracaibo to fill the places with joy and affect the good rhythm of its & pipe from Zulia.

There are always creative children for the whole family

The room set up for recreation with children's values ​​will provide interactive work for the whole family where everyone who is present can create a Christmas decoration with materials useful, next Sunday, November 25, a & # 39; start at 10:00 a.m.

The place will invite partners to wake up creativity when the pieces are made with renewable materials and also; teaching them environmental care through recycling.

The content of the PDVSA La Estancia Maracaibo program can be consulted every week through the @EstanciaMCBO account on Twitter and Instagram.

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